Of Lemons and Limes: My Start Up Story

Spot On Foods is a growing wholesale baking company located in beautiful Seattle, WA, but it all started with my dream of starting my own food company.  I didn’t even know what kind of food company it would be, but I knew I wanted to start it.  After four years studying food science and nutrition at the University of British Columbia, one short-lived sales job, almost a year working (and learning a ton) at a local bakery, and testing countless recipes in my kitchen, I felt that I had settled on the 1st product that I believed filled a void in the market and that I was proud to go out and sell.  Each step towards growth and success brings new challenges and I am becoming less fearful and more confident in my decisions everyday. One key to my success thus far is being very open in sharing what I am working on with my close friends and family, listening to their invaluable input, ideas, and concerns, but ultimately following my heart and believing that I know what is best for the business.  Enjoy the video of me sharing the story of how I started Spot On Foods.

This post was written for Young Female Entrepreneurs Blog it! Week: Today’s theme is “Start Up Stories”
The week of November 5th through the 9t, YFE is hosting Blog it! Week to get to know and learn from our peers through blogging. Each day YFE has a unique blog theme setup. Write on the subject and visit YFE on Facebook at Facebook.com/yfentrepreneur. Find the post pinned to the top and comment with a link to your blog post that corresponds with the day’s theme! Check out what others have written and watch for a recap of the day’s posts on the YFE Blog. Let’s meet one another over more than just 140 characters.


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